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Posted on 02 January 2016

sapna and alana sitting in Eno forest

Curious about Starling & Ivy? How did we get our start and what we're all about? We put together a little FAQ about S&I so that you can get acquainted with us. Starling & Ivy is founded by Sapna O'Connell and Alana Bossen, and without further ado, read on to find out more...

How did Starling & Ivy come to be?
Alana has this handmade cotton purple paisley headband that was gifted to her many years ago and that she just loves. This headband has been worn during so many study sessions, gym runs, early mornings, and late nights. One day Alana asked Sapna, her close friend who happens to be a fashion designer, to analyze the design and recreate this favorite headband as she couldn't find another like it anywhere. Sapna sewed some up and soon couldn't live without them either. We won't say our headbands have magic powers, but they are insanely comfortable, stay in place, and know how to jazz up a bad hair day or so-so outfit with an ease that does feel a bit magical. The combo of feeling comfortable and looking good made us feel more confident and inspired throughout the day, and we wanted to share this "magic" with other women.  

Why choose Starling & Ivy headbands and scrunchlets? And what is a scrunchlet anyway? 

Oh for so many reasons! To start, our headbands have a special tapered shape that helps them be comfortable, look elegant, and stay in place without feeling constrictive or too tight. As they are made out of 100% organic cotton, they will help your hair to have less static and frizz, and a great convenience is that after a sweaty run or a hot day, they are machine washable. Just throw them in with your other clothes (cold water recommended).

Our scrunchlets were born out of the need for a comfortable hair tie that could double as a comfortable bracelet. The black elastics we used to wear were both pulling out our hair and cutting off our wrist circulation, and they just didn't look pretty. We are now addicted to scrunchlets and think you'll see why if you try them out. 

What does earth-friendly mean to Starling & Ivy?

We want our products to positively impact your life, with minimal impact to the environment. Earth-friendly to us includes being animal-friendly, so our products are also vegan. Our favorite material to use is 100% organic cotton. It feels soft, and the lack of pesticides and harmful dyes gives us peace of mind that no chemicals were leached into waterways to produce our fabric. 

Accessories for Animal Lovers, what does this mean? 

We are big animal lovers, and this was one of the first things we bonded over. In college, we would send each other adorable animal photos all day, every day. At Duke University, we were in every animal-related organization. At home, we each have two rescue animals who mean the world to us. So to us it was important and natural to create accessories that neither use or emulate animal products and to donate 15% of our proceeds quarterly to The Humane League.

What does Starling & Ivy hope to achieve?

In the future, as Starling & Ivy expands into other accessories, like belts, bags, and purses, where leather is currently the norm, our big hope is to create an alternative option that is better. And no, Starling & Ivy won't be using pleather- we have some fun new ideas up our sleeves. In the meantime, we hope to create quality hair accessories that improve the daily lives of the women who wear them, by way of color, comfort, and confidence.

If your question isn't answered, feel free to leave a comment. We'd love to hear from you!  

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  • Colleen Doyle: November 17, 2015

    Love what your products stand for! Can’t wait to receive mine. Great blog. Best of luck to both of you :)

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