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Any Day Can Be A New Beginning

Posted on 31 August 2016

Try Something New This September!
I like treating each new month as a new beginning. A chance to live kinder, be bolder, and make change. That’s why this quote by Einstein speaks to me and why I wanted to share it with you. The fall months are upon us, Starlings, and it’s such a great opportunity to potentially make a mistake but ultimately learn something new about yourself.

So what will it be? How about traveling the world solo? Maybe try out a new look? At S&I, whatever your out-of-comfort-zone experiences are this fall, we wish you courage and luck. If you need help with a new look, we have beautiful accessories, from handbags to hair accessories, ready to be released mid-September.


P.S. Write to us on your preferred social media with the hashtag #starlingandivy and let us know about your New adventure--big or small-- for fall. We’ll do the same. :)

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