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Dare to Fall, Starling!

Posted on 25 July 2016

Dare to Fall, Starling!


I met up with my former boss for coffee last year, and shared my exciting news, “I’m launching my own company, Starling & Ivy,” I told her. She was supportive but I could see the look of concern on her face. She knew the statistics: most startups don’t make it, and she didn’t think it was wise for me to invest my savings into an idea that statistically would fail. Yet I didn’t want to wait for funding elsewhere. I decided to bet on myself, and I took the leap. 

Leaping and not knowing whether you’ll fly gracefully or crash horrifically is terrifying. You know what’s also terrifying, though? Regret. We only have one life, and isn’t it better to attempt flying and potentially crashing horrifically than safely staying in the nest? Sapna and I thought so. Now I admit, it’s much easier to take such a huge plunge when you’re not leaping alone. 

So know this, Starling, you’re not leaping alone. The amazing thing that Sapna and I learned is that once you share your aspirations, your loved ones, your community, and many kindred spirits from the Internet will rally around you and support you—and they’ll give you the air boost you need to sail across the sky. 

Our Fly Away tote is currently 10% off for our Pre-Sale, and we hope you consider buying this tote as a gift for yourself or a loved one as a reminder to always be the bird who dares to fall. 




Have you dared to fall? Share your story with us in the comments. 

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