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Last Day of Flash Sale--Don't Forget About Our Scrunchlet Sets!

Posted on 21 July 2016

Starling & Ivy Brunette Scrunchlet Set
Today is the last day of our Flash Sale, and we want to share about our incredible invention: the scrunchlet, a no-dent hair tie/bracelet hybrid. Our Brunette and Blonde scrunchlet sets are on sale for $7.99 (originally $9.00) until the end of the day, and we’re very confident that once you try them out you’ll be hooked. Why?

Simply put, they are long lasting and oh-so-comfortable.

Unlike common elastic hair ties, these are built to last. In fact, we did a beta testing of our scrunchlets way back in September 2015—close to a year ago—and some of our family and friends are still using those same scrunchlets today despite almost daily use! Have you ever been able to say that about a drugstore brand elastic? Our beta testers love their extra-durable scrunchlets, and we’re so sure you will too. You might flinch at the price tag, but in the long run their high quality will save you money (and also save the environment from a wastebasket full of broken elastics!).

But we didn’t just set out to make a longer lasting hair tie, our designer Sapna O’Connell also set out to solve the dilemma of elastics being so uncomfortable. You know the drill, long-haired Starlings: you stick your elastic around your wrist like a bracelet while your hair is down, and soon enough your circulation is cut off and your wrists are painfully red. Made from soft organic cotton, our scrunchlets don’t irritate the skin or leave indentation marks, and at half an inch wide, they make comfortable cotton bracelets.

Wear S&I Scrunchlets comfortably on your wrist

As someone with thick curly hair who wears a lot of messy buns, my absolute favorite feature of the scrunchlet is how pain-free it is to take my hair down. Before scrunchlets, I pulled out a lot of hair while trying to get elastics out after a long day, . Scrunchlets solve this problem with two features: their smooth organic cotton doesn't snag your hair like plastic does, and the scrunches help to hold your hair securely without having to tie too tightly. In short, scrunchlets are this tiny simple change that has made my hair care and style routine so much better.

I sincerely hope you’ll try them out, and let us know what you think! If the cost of shipping is deterring you, drop us an email at with your location, and we’ll be happy to work to put our scrunchlets in a retail location near you.



Have you tried our scrunchlet sets? What do you think? What’s your biggest frustration with drugstore brand elastics? Let us know by sharing with us in the comments.

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