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Love In Action

Posted on 11 July 2016

Love is an action word

“I’m grateful my body works but I don’t *love* the way it looks in my clothes.” I told my sister recently via our text conversation.

My sister pulled a wise one on me and said,  “Love is an action word.” She went on to say that to love my body again, I need to nourish it with proper nutrition, hydration, sleep, and exercise. 

And that’s when it hit me. Oh my gosh. What a profound thought that applies to so much! How often do I hear the word “love” thrown around? Many times, it’s accurate. For example, I love carbs, and it’s true: I actively eat a lot of carbs and enjoy every bite. I love my cats, and pay attention to all their needs and spend much of my time making sure curiosity doesn’t kill them.  

And sometimes, there’s a disconnect between our love declarations and our actions. For example, you might have heard a friend say, “I love animals!” while decked out in leather, even though there are very nice leather alternatives out there. 

"Love is an action word" is a similar thought to "our actions speak louder than words." To love animals, our daily actions would need to be empathetic ones that consider them when we go about our lives, including choices on what we eat and wear. To love something is to make it a priority. To declare that this being, place, or thing that we love is worth our time, our money, our attention, our empathy, and so much more. 

When you say you love, actively show it. 

Which is why this day forward I am going to love my body again. Actively. I'm going to give it my time at the gym, my attention at eating nourishing meals, my empathy when its tired and needs rest, and be mindful to keep my body a priority each day.



Enjoy this post? Come back daily to the blog to share in the animal love. And let us know in the comments your thoughts on “love is an action word.”

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